The LensCrafter on My Corner and the VA

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VHA Must Not Outsource to LensCrafters

by Suzanne Gordon on May 30, 2017


 “We make eyeglasses for our veterans. Last time I checked, every shopping mall in America has a place where you can get glasses in an hour. I don’t care about making eyeglasses. I care about getting that veteran his prostheses.” New York Times

As a 71- year-old civilian and non-veteran, I don’t rely on my local veterans hospital for help with an artificial limb.  But, like many, VHA patients of my generation or younger, I do need vision and hearing care.  So when Trump Cabinet Secretary David Shulkin suggested recently that ‘ There’s A LensCrafters On Every Corner that could just as effectively deliver optometry services, and that the VHA should eliminate its audiology services, ’ I was well positioned to become a secret shopper who could market test this out-sourcing possibility.  Read More

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