Book Reviews

“At our most recent national convention, Veterans for Peace resolved to step up the grassroots fight against privatization by helping to rally more veterans and VA care givers. One important and timely new tool in this effort is Wounds of War…It is clear that veterans and non-veterans alike should heed the call in Gordon’s book and join the fight against privatization of the nation’s only truly integrated healthcare system.”

Paul Cox, member of VFP and American Legion, in CounterPunch

“Wounds of War is a terrific. I would recommend that every veteran depending on the VA for his or her healthcare buy it. In these times of Trump, it’s going to take a lot of communication from the veterans’ community to prevent the Koch Brothers and other crusaders from destroying the VA. Gordon provides a wealth of information helpful in contacting your Senator or Congressman and conveying your opinion about privatizing the VA.”

John Ketwig, VVAW member in The Veteran
Review of Life Support: Three Nurses on the Front Lines

“U.S. military conflicts abroad have left nine million Americans dependent on the Veterans Health Administration for medical care.

Suzanne Gordon argues that the VHA, as the largest public healthcare system in the country, can serve as a model for healthcare provided to everyone. This is a position that deserves more attention, especially among those in the military….”

John Allen, in Veterans News Report

“The VHA functions very differently from the way it is depicted in most mainstream media coverage….Anyone who wants the VHA dismantled doesn’t know the facts. Suzanne Gordon delivers the facts in Wounds of War.”

Denny Riley, member of VFP and American Legion in Stansbury Forum

“Wounds of War should be read by physicians… because the VA is an essential component of the American healthcare system as well as a vital component of medical education. Gordon has provided a valued view of a system which, even with its flaws, still has remarkable strengths to offer soldiers, when their service to our nation is completed.”

Arnold R. Eiser, MD in The Pharos