The Battle for Veterans’ Healthcare

In The Battle for Veterans’ Healthcare, award-winning author Suzanne Gordon takes us to the front lines of federal policy-making and healthcare delivery, as it affects millions of Americans whose military service makes them eligible for Veterans Health Administration (VHA) coverage.

Gordon’s collected dispatches provide insight and information too often missing from mainstream media reporting on the VHA and from Capitol Hill debates about its future. Drawing on interview with veterans and their families, VHA staff and administrators, health care policy experts and Congressional decision-makers, Gordon describes a federal agency under siege that nevertheless accomplishes its difficult mission of serving men and women injured, in myriad ways, while on active duty.

The Battle for Veteran’s Healthcare is an essential primer on VHA care and a call to action by veterans, their advocacy organizations, and political allies. Without lobbying efforts and broader public understanding of what’s a stake, a system now functioning far better than most private hospital systems may end up looking more like them, to the detriment of patients and providers alike.

Praise For The Battle for Veterans’ Healthcare

  • "Battle for Veterans’ Healthcare should be required reading for the Trump Administration, members of Congress, and anyone concerned about the fate of the Veterans Health Administration."

    Garry Augustine Washington Executive Director of Disabled American Veterans
  • "The Battle for Veterans’ Healthcare explains why the VHA’s many specialized services should be strengthened and expanded."

    Michael Blecker Executive Director of Swords to Plowshares and member of VA Commission on Care
  • "Suzanne Gordon skillfully rebuts the arguments of would-be privatizers, who are trying to discredit and then divert public funding from health care providers who actually care about their patients."

    Phillip Longman Author of Best Care Anywhere: Why VA Health Care Is Better than Yours
  • "As a woman veteran, I urge you to read this important book."

    Diane Reppun Afghanistan war veteran and Bronze Star recipient, founding member of Fighting for Veterans Health Care, and Lifetime Member-Disabled American Veterans