VA MISSION Act Access Standards Will Privatize the VA

From the American Prospect


The VA Is Privatizing Veterans’ Health Care While Launching a Campaign to Deny It


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  • William D Rose

    I, William David Rose, have received VA health care from Durham, NC & Raleigh CBOC, NC. I have received excellent care, appointments w/o any delays. Dr. Nassruddin of Raleigh is very instersted in me getting following-up appoints. One day my wife called & told her my condition. He said he would see what Dr. said let me talk w/ her now. Very shortly he came back & said she asked could I be there at 3:00. She knows it is a 45 minute drive for me & that was ideal. When my wife calls her private Dr. it would be any where from 2 weeks to a month. Please don’t take my VA drs. I receive excellent care. Before Dr. Nassrudden I saw Dr. Daniels who has retired & he was also excellent. I know some people complain but I& the other people in the area have no complaints. They also say they receive excellent care.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you so much for your comment. This is what I have heard from hundreds of veterans.

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