VA MISSION Act Access Standards Will Privatize the VA

From the American Prospect


The VA Is Privatizing Veterans’ Health Care While Launching a Campaign to Deny It


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  • William D Rose

    I, William David Rose, have received VA health care from Durham, NC & Raleigh CBOC, NC. I have received excellent care, appointments w/o any delays. Dr. Nassruddin of Raleigh is very instersted in me getting following-up appoints. One day my wife called & told her my condition. He said he would see what Dr. said let me talk w/ her now. Very shortly he came back & said she asked could I be there at 3:00. She knows it is a 45 minute drive for me & that was ideal. When my wife calls her private Dr. it would be any where from 2 weeks to a month. Please don’t take my VA drs. I receive excellent care. Before Dr. Nassrudden I saw Dr. Daniels who has retired & he was also excellent. I know some people complain but I& the other people in the area have no complaints. They also say they receive excellent care.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you so much for your comment. This is what I have heard from hundreds of veterans.

  • John Jackson


    I doubt this will change much within the VA structure, the system has a way of making such reforms not worth the effort for the veteran.

    I have had great care at the VA and on anther occasion nearly died due to massive incompetence. One experience like that is all I need to want out, but I cannot get out.

    Why must we veterans sacrifice a choice to protect a system that fails to provide the care or providers of our choosing?

    The VA has a way of screwing up the best intentioned programs like the “choice” program. I, like many other veterans just want our Tricare back, it is also a beast, but when things go wrong it is easier to tame. At least Tricare gives us a choice. I don’t want to be told where to go get care or follow a million rules to get a choice.

    I don’t want to destroy the VA. The problem is a one size fits all solution for a diverse population. The VA cannot seem to find a way to adapt the care models to fit those they serve.

    • Suzanne

      Thank you for your comment. I don’t think the VA screws things up, I think it’s Congress, responding to market addicts who want to privatize everything.
      The MISSION Act is a privatization Trojan horse.

  • Charles Stephens

    I am a primary care physician at the Minneapolis VA, dedicated to doing the work and serving the patients at the VA. This MISSION Act is the most clever and insidious first step in completely undoing the VA system. Not only are funds being funneled away from the VA to pay the private sector doctors, but we still have to provide all of the oversight of that care, without any time in our day allotted to do so.
    Death by a Thousand Cuts is the way the MISSION Act has been created to destroy the VA and make it look like it is the uncaring and incapable VA staff that sank the ship. Pity that the Best Care Anywhere may go down this way, leaving so very many Veterans with little recourse.

    • Suzanne

      This is totally correct, the MISSION Act is totally insidious. Thank you for writing.

  • Thomas w Carey

    I’ve been in the choice program since 2014, Iam 100% p&t service connected. I have multiple medical problems. I see 5 specialist. the closest VA Hospital is over 1.5 hr. away depending on traffic. I can only speak for Orlando VA …..From HEALTH NET, TO CHOICE ,TO COUMMITY CARE AND NOW THE MISSIONS ACT REVISED June 6 2019…. Each time the Congress puts their thinking caps on and change the VA program it gets worse. They change the name but the main problem stays the same.(GETTING VETS THE best health care they disserve) THE Vet can’t keep up with all the changing of phone # and the different depts. for each specialist you see to try to get an authorization….. THE lack of comprehensive training at the VA facilities. THE communications between your non VA Dr. and the VA is unacceptable. (lack of employees). The non VA Dr.can’t keep up with TRYING TO GET AN AUTHORIZATION for each diagnostic test, meds etc.. . They can’t keep up with trying to get an authorization or renewing one because they usually have leave a message, maybe they will get a call back. AND then if they do , depending the VA rep. experience level and understanding of new rules it might work smoothly. My wife gets a champ VA card (DOD)and she is excepted every where, no questions asked ! Iam the 16yr. VET and I have to jump thru hoops to get health care. Run by The VA . WHAT will the legislative geniuses think of next? ITs all about $$$$$$$

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