They’re At It Again Trying to Privatize the VHA

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Trump’s Under-the-Radar Push to Dismantle Veterans Health Care


  • Doug Nelson

    VA Vet Centers are storefront, less formal places for veterans, particularly those of us dealing with PTSD, to meet with counselors, clinicians and, very importantly, with other veterans. I am disturbed to hear proposals to close some facilities. Because of their number, Vet Centers seem particularly vulnerable to cost-saving measures.
    The planners of privatization seem unaware of the particular characteristics of PTSD and military sexual trauma that demand that caregivers be especially trained in and dedicated to treatment. Caregivers must establish trust with very vulnerable veterans and be available to them. They must be familiar with particular features of the military and combat experiences. I have serious doubts that these needs can be addressed using privately contracted caregivers who are not likely to be experienced or even interested. I will meet with Vet Center caregivers and clients in my area and circulate petitions and statements of support for our Vet Centers.

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