Suffering from Presidential Election Stress? Here's a remedy.

botox-doesnt-just-control-wrinkles-its-also-effective-for-treating-migrainesMy daughter Jessica Early just wrote this.  Share this with people tired of Trump, Hillary, and everything!!!

The presidential election got you down? Do you find yourself struggling with fatigue, foggy thinking, ringing in your ears, word-finding difficulty, nightmares, increased cravings for alcohol, drugs or other mind-altering substances, and even decreased libido?

You could be suffering from Presidential Race Dysphoria (PRD). PRD is plaguing the nation and the American Psychological Association has noted its impact on Democrats and Republicans alike.
But fear not! This is America folks, and for every ailment you bet your ass we have a pill for it! It’s called Down-Ticket Racipril (generically known as turning off You-tube cat videos, getting off your couch, and exercising your democratic rights.)

Down-ticket Racipril is now available in every state across the country at the unheard price of 0$. Side-effects include a loss of apathy, the possibility of state-led reform, and prophylaxis against the sense that “I just didn’t do enough.”

To find out more about Down-ticket Racipril ask your NP or MD, or better yet—because you’re probably uninsured or underinsured—check out the community health clinics below who are offering free samples with just the click of a hyperlink.

In Vermont:

In Connecticut:

….and many, many more (just Google it).

This November, freedom from PRD is possible. Try out Down-Ticket Racipril today: there is little to lose (if things get worse mass relocation to Canada is likely the only definitive treatment) and so, so much to gain (a sustainable future for our children and environment etc.).

(Down-ticket Racipril is not yet approved by the FDA as federal funding has been inadequate to support meaningful regulatory activities by the agency this year.)

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