Finally a Media Report that Gets It Right About the VA

This great article by Cathie Anderson in the Sacramento Bee gets it right about the VA.  It is a really fair articulation of the issues.  She also quotes me at length and fairly, which is very unusual.

Here are some highlights, but please read the entire article.

Care for veterans would improve immensely, Gordon and Johnson said, if the VA would focus on filling its roughly 50,000 open jobs. That also troubles Keith Boylan, deputy secretary for veterans services at the California Department of Veterans Affairs.

“We support the VA’s efforts to increase accessibility and build out their system of care,” he said, “but one challenge that we think is just crucial to the success of this program is that the VA address the 50,000 vacancies they have.”

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“The VA gets many things right, Gordon said, but they don’t make the headlines. At the VA, “there is superiority in diabetes care,” she said. “There is superiority in cancer care. There is superiority in management of mental health. In mental health, the VA has the only functioning mental health system in the United States. In the VA, you have integration of primary and mental health care. You have evidence-based therapy for PTSD and other kinds of depression.”

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