New York Times OpEd Veterans’ Day

I was delighted to have an OpEd in the Sunday Week in Review Section of the New York Times on November 11th.  Please read and share.  I was also on Democracy Now on November 12th and on the Real News Network.

By Protecting Veterans’ Health, You May Protect Your Own

V.H.A. doctors care for some of America’s most vulnerable. They are not “bad apples” who “rob us or cheat us.”

By Suzanne Gordon

Ms. Gordon writes frequently about health care.

This Veterans Day, in addition to honoring those who serve in uniform, we should spend some time remembering the 300,000 employees of the Veterans Health Administration. The V.H.A. — the nation’s largest public health system — doesn’t just keep veterans healthy; it has developed treatments that help all Americans. And if we don’t defend it, it could be dismantled and auctioned off in whatever remains of the Trump era.


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Suzanne Gordon interviews a veteran.