Jeff Miller Doesn't Believe Veterans Deserve the Healing Arts

Another blog post on how low people will stoop to deny veterans excellent care.

In Defense of Art in VA Hospitals

Conservatives are mad about spending government money on art, but it provides real medical benefits.

The Veterans Health Administration (VHA) has taken a lot of heat lately about using money to purchase art for its hospitals and other facilities. Last week, Gail Collins, in a column in the New York Times, joined in the pile-on. While Collins defended the VHA and opposed its privatization, writing that veterans “are satisfied” with its services and that “the care is in many cases excellent,” she couldn’t resist a jab at the VHA for spending $670,000 on two sculptures that were placed in a blind rehabilitation center. Her conclusion? “Veterans healthcare for everybody! But maybe with less art.”

The issue of spending on art first emerged last year when Congressman Jeff Miller (R. FLA) , Chairman of the House Veterans Affairs, a staunch advocate of VHA privatization, lambasted the VHA for spending $483,000 for a sculpture in a hospital courtyard. For Miller, whom Donald Trump has promised to appoint to the post of Secretary of Veterans Affairs should he be elected, the issue was not the quality of the art used at VHA facilities but the fact that the VHA was using taxpayer money to spend on art, period. Miller called such spending “wanton and abusive.” 

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  • IT Guy

    This is a great Post. Add Art Everywhere please. In every hospital that you see blotch some art. thanks!

    IT Support in Fort Lauderdale

  • amos gregory

    I dont agree with your particular article. Having a artist produce a very expensive piece of art and placing it or on VA facilities is not the healing arts. Healing arts do happen in the VA and I dont believe the congress person was referring to Art Therapy programs but outrageous art done by non-veterans which suck funds from Vets arts groups which should be designing and implement VA art. Geez…are u a veteran?

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