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justanursepoemI have always wanted to run a Just a Nurse contest.  People can see what I have written on my posters and bookmarks on Just a Nurse.  But what about you — working nurses.  So here I go, I am inviting anyone who reads this and anyone who cares to make this go viral to write a couple of lines a la my Just a Nurse riff to amplify it.

For example:

I’m just a nurse, I just teach physicians about medications

I’m just a nurse, I just advise medical equipment companies about how to make better devices

I’m just a nurse, I make sure patients don’t get the wrong dose of medications

You see what I’m after.  Please give it a go and send it on to ask others to do it.  For my contest, I will judge the best offerings and then send whomever wins — there will be three winners — a copy of my Just a Nurse poster as a gift.  Please make this go viral and then we can post things on this website.



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  • Suzanne Malloy

    I am just a pediatric nurse practitioner, I immunize your child against life threatening diseases.

  • Aimee

    I’m just a Nurse I make sure my patients do not die alone.

  • NerdyFatGuy

    Just a Nurse

    it was JUST a nurse that held my hand when I got sutures for the first time
    it was JUST a nurse that gave me a lollipop when those sutures were removed
    it was JUST a nurse that explained in layman’s terms what my injury was
    it was JUST a nurse that took away the butterflies before surgery
    it was JUST a nurse that held my Mom when she was told Dad’s cancer was terminal
    it was JUST a nurse that brought coffee and comfort during those long visits to the hospital
    it was JUST a nurse that gave us smiles and understanding
    it was JUST a nurse that gave Dad the dignity her deserved while he was dying
    it was JUST a nurse that said “I’m sorry for your loss.”
    it was JUST a nurse that said it was ok to cry when Dad passed
    it is JUST a nurse that wears a uniform
    and like most anyone in uniform, they are JUST heroes

  • Deborah Kloos

    I’m just a nurse, I just help patients and families in their last hours of life and I just am there to welcome new babies into the world, and I just take care of everyone in between of every culture, race, socioeconomic status with love and acceptance. I am just a nurse.

  • Charmaine Berrian

    Well, I’m a pediatric nurse. I just hold a crying parent in my arms after the doctor informs them that their child has a brain tumor…

  • Susan

    I’m just a nurse, I’m the one who will make sure your surgery team knows everything about your history before you enter the OR suite.

  • Donna DiRusso RN

    I am a nurse…I care about people…I take care of people…it is not a job it is my life…24-7.

  • Toni DeMar

    I’m just a nurse, I held my patient’s hand as she cried wondering how she would ever heal her debilitating wound.

  • Toni DeMar

    I’m just a nurse, I fixed a bowl of mixed up medication to be in a med organizer , so my patient would take her prober meds and not die of an overdose.

  • A. B. Fay

    I’m just a nurse, I teach patients about their disease process, how their medications work alone & in combination with each other, review symptoms to monitor, and listen to their fears as they progress on their health journey while taking care of four other individuals.

  • A. B. Fay

    I’m just a nurse, when I nurture new interns and new nurse graduates, socialize them to the complexity of healthcare, and care for a full patient assignment.

  • Patricia McNair

    I’m just a nurse. I translate medical jargon into simple understandable terms that people can understand.
    I am just a nurse. I breathe life into people who have died.
    I reduce the suffering of people who are dying making their last days comfortable.
    I help families to share a common goal making their experience of a dying parent/child bearable.

  • Elissa Aldred

    I’m Just a nurse…I informed the ED attending that the patients cardiac monitor pattern had ST elevation and was a STEMI.
    I’m just a nurse….I questioned the dose of a resident’s order for a beta blocker that was more than double what should be given.

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