Doctors Refusing to Take Insurance At All

The New York Times Well blog just posted an article on physicians who refuse to take any insurance payments. The article is entitled When Doctors Stop Taking Insurance

So you think you have good insurance and a ticket to health care?  Think again!  So post graduate physician training is subsidized by our tax dollars, and MDs refuse to take Medicare and Medicaid.  Now they are no longer taking insurance?  This is incredible!  It makes a mockery of even small attempts to reform the system like Obamacare.  And then we have health policy experts like this one claiming that this isn’t a policy problem.
“If all it means is that doctors who serve the wealthy are figuring out ways to avoid the hassles of insurance, I’m not sure it’s a public policy problem,” said Marsha Gold, a senior fellow at Mathematica Policy Research in Washington and an expert on health care financing. “The real problem comes in if it really restricts the choices people have and makes it worse than it is now. We don’t really have the data to know.”
Our health care system is  scandal and what is more of a scandal is that some doctors seem to think that medicine is a business not a service!!  We need a social movement to change attitudes toward the purpose of medicine and who it serves.

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