What Does "Productivity" Mean in Healthcare, Interview with Geoff Annals

I recently spent two great weeks in New Zealand working with nurses in the New Zealand Nurses Organization. New Zealand has a great national, tax supported health care system (more on this in another posting) and nurses have made great strides in the country. Now, however, a new government has been elected and is interested in privatization and marketization. “Productivity” is the new mantra. Here I interview Geoff Annals, chief executive of the New Zealand Nurses Organization about this problematic term.

  • Rosemary

    There is even more of an issue in measuring nursing productivity in the primary health care sector, as nursing care is so intertwined with the care from other health professionals- particularly GPs, that it is almost impossible to identify specific outcome measurements that can be attributed to nurses. This makes it more difficult for PHC nurses to come from a cost benefit angle when presenting business cases etc. I think NPs in PHC in NZ suffer particularly from this issue. Incidently I see Nurse Jackie hits our TV screens next week! I will be watching with interest at the programme and the feedback! It was great to meet and hear you speak.

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