Interviewing Janet Ranking

In this video Janet Rankin and I talked about a research project that uncovers what nurses’ know about what is going on in hospitals within strategies to streamline nursing care. This short interview touches on how nurses unwittingly support and adopt approaches to care that promise to resolve some of the problems faced within the increasingly tight demands of our workplaces. We discuss how strategies to streamline and standardize nursing care to make it more “patient and family focused” actually increase the pace and intensity of nursing. Janet describes the evidence she gathered that demonstrates how the technological approaches to measuring patient needs and nursing workload have serious, sometimes dangerous consequences for patient care. Janet’s book “Managing to Nurse: Inside Canada’s health care reform” (co-authored with Marie Campbell) details the real consequences of 30 years of business-like managerial strategies on nurses and patients.

  • Kathy Corbett

    Thank you for this video. I am a 49yr. old nurse, who resigned from direct practice about 4 yrs ago, unable to have a voice to help assure a reasonably safe workload environment. I am currently doing a nursing masters because of an interest in nursing workload. (I brought forward a scale tool which some collegues & I think will be able to reflect workload in a med-surg environment. I hope to be able to research the tool at some point).
    Right now, I am doing a course in nursing leadership, which is focused on using a six sigma approach to solving problems. I have been somwehat more frustrated by the course. I’ve sent the video, which explains my frustrations much better than I could have, to my classmates & instructor.
    With my appreciation & best wishes for your work,

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