Trump Pick Could Help VA

This was just published on the Washington Monthly Site.  It’s a great piece by a Vietnam combat veteran who was also a psychologist at the VHA for many years.  Well worth the read.

VApicTrump’s Pick for VA Secretary Could Continue Obama’s Progress by Edgardo Padin-Rivera

January 20, 2017.

New York Times and Fake News about the VA

1024px-va_hospital_waco_2013Phillip Longman, author of Best Care Anywhere, has just done this excellent post in The Washington Monthly about the New York Times coverage of the VHA.  People should contact the New York Times’s public editor to register their concerns about the continual bias in the Times coverage of the VHA.  See also my stories in The American Prospect on this issue.

Please read Longman’s story.  It is very important.

More Fake News about VA Hospitals

This time, the hapless New York Times is the culprit.

Donald Trump met with the heads of several monopolistic private health care corporations in Palm Beach on Wednesday. Bloomberg reports that “A person close to Marvel Entertainment CEO Ike Perlmutter said he also participated.” Trump was soliciting their advice on whether he should force the Veterans Health Administration (VA) to outsource more of the care of our nation’s veterans to monopolistic health care corporations. The comic book executive at least had no apparent conflicts of interests.

America’s major veterans groups, including the American Legion, Vietnam Veterans of America, and Paralyzed Veterans of America, which all strenuously oppose any moves to privatize the VA, were not invited. Stay tuned for the rest of the story.  READ MORE

Will Trump Deliver for Veterans

perspective0221magBased on this election, here is a new post from the American Prospect

Will Trump Deliver for Veterans?

On the campaign trail, President-elect Donald Trump repeated one key promise: to “Make America Great Again” by increasing the country’s military might and supporting its 24 million military veterans. After all, he promised to raise money for veterans and said he donated a million dollars out of his own pocket to veterans’ charities.

But Trump showed his true colors long before Election Day. He finally wrote a personal check to one veteran’s group but only after four months when reporters shamed him into doing so. Trump dissed mentally ill veterans for being weak. Most famously, he called Senator John McCain, who was a Navy pilot during the Vietnam War, a “loser” after being shot down in combat, badly injured, captured, and then abused as a prisoner of war. Nevertheless, many veterans voted for Trump by a large margin.

That’s no great start for “veterans affairs.” But the mistreatment of vets could go from rhetorical to real. That’s because Trump favors some form of privatization of all Veterans Health Administration services, a long sought-after goal of congressional Republicans.  READ MORE

Protect Veterans Against Trump, CSPAN interview

cspanheight-125-no_border-width-220Just did this CSPAN interview for Veterans Day, please watch and comment.

Some highlights.  VHA care is better than private sector.  Veterans who seek care in the VHA have fewer suicides, better mental health care, better outpatient care.

Privatization is not the way to go.

Suffering from Presidential Election Stress? Here’s a remedy.

botox-doesnt-just-control-wrinkles-its-also-effective-for-treating-migrainesMy daughter Jessica Early just wrote this.  Share this with people tired of Trump, Hillary, and everything!!!

The presidential election got you down? Do you find yourself struggling with fatigue, foggy thinking, ringing in your ears, word-finding difficulty, nightmares, increased cravings for alcohol, drugs or other mind-altering substances, and even decreased libido?

You could be suffering from Presidential Race Dysphoria (PRD). PRD is plaguing the nation and the American Psychological Association has noted its impact on Democrats and Republicans alike.
But fear not! This is America folks, and for every ailment you bet your ass we have a pill for it! It’s called Down-Ticket Racipril (generically known as turning off You-tube cat videos, getting off your couch, and exercising your democratic rights.)

Down-ticket Racipril is now available in every state across the country at the unheard price of 0$. Side-effects include a loss of apathy, the possibility of state-led reform, and prophylaxis against the sense that “I just didn’t do enough.”

To find out more about Down-ticket Racipril ask your NP or MD, or better yet—because you’re probably uninsured or underinsured—check out the community health clinics below who are offering free samples with just the click of a hyperlink.

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This November, freedom from PRD is possible. Try out Down-Ticket Racipril today: there is little to lose (if things get worse mass relocation to Canada is likely the only definitive treatment) and so, so much to gain (a sustainable future for our children and environment etc.).

(Down-ticket Racipril is not yet approved by the FDA as federal funding has been inadequate to support meaningful regulatory activities by the agency this year.)